Sunday, 28 October 2012

Live videos from my last gig

We had a great concert the 26 of october at Islands Brygge Kulturhus and Thor Jensen recorded two videos of us performing.

It's two of my own compositions: "Plage des Catalans" - named after a beach in Marseille where i lived half a year ago. I usually sat there playing in the evening.

And "L'étoile Dansante" - The "dancing star", a reference to a Nietzsche work called Thus Spoke Zarathustra where it reads: "One must have a chaos whitin to give birth to a dancing star". And in french it sounds even more beautiful: "Il faut porter encore en soi un chaos pour pouvoir mettre au monde une étoile dansante".

Enjoy :)

Monday, 15 October 2012

Next gig 26. october

I will be playing with the Django trio the 26. October at 20pm.

The venue is called Islands Brygge Kultur. A cozy place with a nice view to the seafront. We have been working hard on practicing and recording during the last months. So we're full of inspiration and looking forward to share it with you.

Bjørn Fred Jensen: Guitar
Robert Pilgaard: Guitar
Christian Henriksen: Double bass

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See you!